Custom Electronics Manufacturing in Edmonton

Product Development

TeKettle%20top%20view%20500%20pixrinity’s engineers work with our customers to create new products. The ideas may be scratched on the back of the proverbial napkin or defined in a 100 page document. They meet with our customers to create a proposal that covers all areas of the product. This includes drawings, packaging, cabling, printed circuit boards, software, and instruction manuals. The next step is to produce a prototype for customer evaluation. The first prototype may or may not be close to the production model depending on the complexity of the product. In most cases, this will be followed by a pre-production prototype to iron out the wrinkles in production version.

Electronic Design

Sequencer5-webTrinity Electronics has successfully completed more than 700 projects over the last 35 years. Designs range from very simple (a single chip water level monitor) to very complex (systems for diagnosing hydro-electric power generating plants). We provide the right level of technology to solve each problem at the right price.

Trinity Electronics has also had great success in creating products for the retrofit markets. If the original manufacturer goes out of business, drops the product line or refuses to make modifications for a customer, Trinity Electronics can engineer a custom product that fits the customer’s application exactly, or even provides enhanced functionality… often at a much better price.

Printed Circuit Board Design

Most of Trinity Electronics’ products are based on printed circuit boards. The boards range from simple, single sided boards with a few passive components to multi-board, multi-layer packages. Components may be surface mount, through-hole or frequently, a combination of both component types.

“I highly recommend Trinity for any board design projects.”
– Clarence Rozak, Baker Atlas Canada.

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Trinity Electronics has designed hazardous location equipment for over 30 years. Our designs include explosion proof and intrinsically safe equipment for both Division 1 or Division 2 areas. Designs include communications equipment, gas well controls, cabinet heaters, pump controls, and industrial timers.

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Fuel%20pump%20-webThe company has focused on the PIC series of microprocessor’s from Microchip but other processor families are used when the job calls for it. Hundreds of projects have left the company with thousands of lines of reusable code which speeds the development of new software. The PIC series has proven to be a wonderful choice due to its low power consumption, high speed, low cost, extended temperature range, on-board memory and single chip configuration.


pcbStuffingAlthough not a contract manufacturer by strict definition, the business model that Trinity Electronics seeks is to both design and manufacture products for our customers. Product volumes range from a single unit to 10,000 pieces per year. If it’s economical, products may be subcontracted to a contract manufacturer.

Trinity Electronics will still monitor the manufacturing to ensure that manufacturing quality is maintained.